• Image of DSGNS/Venomspitter Split EP

DSGNS (Austin, TX) and VENOMSPITTER (Richmond, VA) team up together for a split EP on CoinToss Records that features new material from each artist and include backing vocals from Venomspitter and Jeffrey Edwards. Recorded and mixed in July 2015 by Ricky Olson at The Ward in Richmond, VA. Mastered in Austin 2015 by Keith Hernandez at Studio 2E in Austin, TX. Artwork from Chelsea Owen for Idle Hands Illustration.

Track Listing:
01. We Are Only As Free As Our Most Oppressed - Venomspitter
02. Woodrow Wilson Was Human Scum That Resurrected The KKK - Venomspitter
03. Polar Opposites - DSGNS
04. Chemical Peel - DSGNS
05. Damager - DSGNS